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Michael Jackson was not a muslim!!! lol well at least i know he wasnt:) his mum, katherine is a Jehovah's Witness and Michael is a Christian but not in practising.Watch Michael Jackson ' Islamic Song - Waqasahmedmaan on dailymotion.

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Feb 28, 2018 Michael Jackson composed 2 Islamic songs "Give thanks to Allah" & “Waiting for the Call”(aka. "Islam in my veins") after his reversion to Islam (2007). At first .That song was sung by Zain Bhikha who, coincidentally sounds A LOT like Michael Jackson. Search Zain on youtube, he sounds just like him. Because of the similarities in their voices rumors have been circulating that Michael is Muslim. In the interview, "Living With Michael Jackson take two", Michael denounces the rumor that he's Muslim.

Michael Jackson expressed some interest in Islam when his brother Jermaine was experimenting with Islam, but he did not convert. Jermaine converted to the Nation of Islam sect in 1989 whilst visiting Bahrain.Micheal Jackson's Sister Janet Jackson converts to Islam - · 3:30. Michael Jackson ' Islamic Song · 3:38. Islamic Poetry - "One Coming Day" - Islamic Poem .

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Dec 18, 2003 (3) If this in fact Michael Jackson, it is hard to imagine he is not a Muslim. (4) What are the chances that Michael Jackson recorded this song .Mufti Menk even takes the name of Michael Jackson on 0:50 , emphasizing how listening to any kind of Music is banned in Islam. They say even ‘Listening’ to music is banned, Michael not only listened to the music, but even composed it and use to dance.