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To use a Realtek embedded or OEM version sound card, the operating system typically requires a specific device driver, a low-level program that handles the data connections between the physical hardware and the operating system. Realtek High Definition Audio Driver is typically required for your audio device to function.

  • The only thing that can happen is your realtek soundcard will stop working (assuming you have it on-board) and you'd have to install them again to use it. It won't affect your other one. It won't affect your other.

  • If you want to select every driver manually(because you have a manual driver that is better), then you should disable automatic driver installation. To do so, you need to use Windows Driver Settings in Group Policy Editor.

  • Realtek's High Definition Audio Driver provide high quality DTS, Dolby, Surround Sound to your PC via the audio card. The software comes with a number.

  • I can't get rid of the Realtek Audio Drivers on my PC it's really annoying. right-click on Realtek High Definition Audio, choose Uninstall AND check the checkbox that says "Delete the driver software for this device" (which.

  • In the Realtek HD Audio Manager, go to Connector Settings, and switch to Then uninstall the Realtek Audio Driver from the Add or RemoveĀ .

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I managed to get rid of the Realtek driver on my system without disabling all driver updates. 1. Go to the Device Manager, go to the properties of the audio device, go to the Driver tab, and click Roll Back Driver.

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More about uninstall realtek audio manager uninstalling driver alyoshka Jul 16, 2012, 6:41 AM Yes, you can uninstall the whole bundle and then let the rig startup and it'll install.

Realtek drivers are sound drivers for your PC. The Realtek Audio Manager is supplied by Realtek and it allows you to manage your connection and improve sound stability and sound quality.

May 7, 2017 Right-click RealTek High Definition Audio, and click Uninstall. On the Click the Delete the driver software for this device option to delete the generic Windows driver. Click OK to start the uninstall process; Do not reboot.